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Priya Priyadarshni

Priya Priyadarshni


Life was lingering like a lost river.
Through the dense forest.
Inadequately, fragments of faces,
Desperately looking for a way out.

The more I try to find the meaning,
The more lost I find myself.
Eventually erased,
I lost track of numbers and names.

I ceased to exist in this world,
Maybe I was trying to find life, somewhere else,
A nameless place that is nowhere.

All that was lost came to me,
How would I recognize them?
I was afraid of love because I had nothing to offer,
But somehow I’m still capable of love.

Do you remember the stories I never wrote?
A man is not strong but a story is.
What about a woman?
Will she have a story to tell?

I draw maps hoping to find an escape,
I don’t know what I’m running from.
Would you come to Spain with me?
They say it’s the end of the earth.

Is it possible for an ocean to feel thirsty?
Do compasses lose their way?
How does a country remember its border?
Do you still miss me?

I wait for seasons to change,
Last year was difficult.
Can’t fall last forever?
I wrote few lines for you on dried-up leaves.

Can you please remind me what I was looking for?
Well, I found your diary in my chest case.
Have I ever told you about the hole in my heart?
It is still not healed, 21 years got nothing to do with age.

All the truth,
Turned to lie.
All the lie,
A post-truth.

Broken ones

I look around,
And see broken people.

In pieces,
Half dead,
Half living to die.

I often find them,
On Empty bookshelves.
In the torn covers,
Of moth-eaten,
Yellow sheets.

I hear them,
Singing the same song,
Of loneliness.

And it would sound,
Like memory.
Alive in the body,
Dead in time.

With the wind

My nights are like this.
When my heart aches,
Inside my ribs.
Wanting to go away.

Plenty there have been moments when I see,
My body, lifting in thin air.
Cause I feel caged when I breathe.
I see death and he says have courage.

I’ll come for thee.
Until then breathe or dream.
And I choose to blow,
With the wind.


Priya Priyadarshini is a young poet. She can be contacted at priyapriyadarshni99@gmail.com

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