My words,
My poems,
What do they mean to you?

They exist for me.
Those unfinished lines I write,
The pain I feel,
The wounds which might never heal!

In every love song
There is a declaration for someone.
You don’t know
If they exist or not.
Always unclear.

Some things which were never spoken by me,
Some feelings which I don’t have words for –
Some days I live within these lines,
Breathing between the words,
Dreaming of the world, which doesn’t exist.

Yes, I write!
Nothing more than that.


Things come and go,
Like the sand in the sea.
But every time the water
Comes to the shore,
It takes something
with it while leaving.
I’m left here
Like the pebbles.

The universe around me,
I don’t belong to.
These undefined spaces,
Staring at me in the eyes
Ask me,
Where is your home?

I don’t know the answer,
I’m waiting for something.
Maybe the waves will take me home.
Floating I might see myself
Moving away,
To the Neverland,
The sky,
Full of dreams.


Priya Priyadarshni is a young poet and an independent woman. Her voice has raw originality and her poems assert themselves strongly. She begins her journey in language and the world. Indrdhanush wishes her all the best and hopes that she will continue to explore the unexplored and follow her own voice. She can be contacted at priyapriyadarshni99@gmail.com

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